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Painter, standing against wall, Woods Hole.
Jennings, standing outside, Woods Hole.
Bridges, standing against brick wall, Woods Hole.
Nadar astral portrait of Eugene Rochas, standing.
Séance with John Beattie, medium
Dr. Flaschoen, with "force psychique sortant de ses mains."
Margaret Vaux Wistar Hains
Nadar astral portrait of Eugene Rochas, sitting.
Philip Klass debunking existence of unidentified flying objects through demonstration of UFO photograph faking techniques.
Osterhout, seated looking at a book, Woods Hole, 1921.
George W. Corner, Richard H. Shryock, Charles Coutry, and unidentified man, half length, informal, seated at Wellcome Library, London, August, 1967, Conference on Medical History.
Bridal Party, 1890.