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Map (5).  Distribution of tribes according to earliest traditions (so far as collected up to date).
Map (3) showing present or late and also former distributions of northern tribes.
Map No. (2) showing approximate positions and boundaries of tribes circa 1840-50 (or before any of the tribes went on reserves).
Map (4) Eastern Washington--Approximate Boundaries Interior Salish tribes about 1825 to 1855.
Map (1). Montana. 1650 to 1850.
Map.  No. 1.  Western States.
Map (4).  Showing approximately some of the chief trade routes and trading places &c of the Plateau tribes.
Ilha de Leão com asilhetas e fortes adjacentes ciudade e porto de Cadix com seus baixos &c. D. Vicente Tofino.
Map showing as near as possible Location of the Shuswap Tribe and Divisions, with approximate Boundaries of neighboring Tribes.
[Map of Oregon coastal tribal territories.]
Western Washington Map (7). Distribution of Tribes (& Languages) about 1850 or slightly earlier.
Map (3) showing northern boundaries of the Kalispels, & territories of the Lakes & the Kootenays, and positions of other Interio
Map (6) Washington.  Distribution of tribes (languages).  1797.
Delaware Bay.
Map (2) showing territory of the Coeur d’Alene, and parts of territories of surrounding tribes.
Map showing approximate older boundaries of the Kootenay tribes, and approximate territories of adjoining Salish and other tribe
Map (8) Earliest traditional homes of tribes in Oregon.
[Map of Vancouver Island area with enumerated points.]
Atlas of New Jersey.
Map of Philadelphia and parts adjacent.