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Weather map.
Plan of the nitre cave described by Dr. Samuel Brown
A sketch of the Muscle Shoals of the Tennessee River. Laid down from a Scale of two Computed Miles to the Inch. The Width of the River being doubled.
United States of America.
Battle field of Gettysburg.
Plane table map of Badger Creek.
Die Eisgebyrge des Schweizerlandes, mit allen dabey vorkommenden Mineralien. In ihrem zusammenhang vorgestelt von G. S. Gruner.
A map of the British Empire in North America; by Samuel Dunn.
A map of North America with the European settlements & whatever else is remarkable in ye West Indies, from the latest and best observations.
Chart of the lights on the lake coast of the United States.
Vues & coupes du Cap de la Hève. Profit du Cap.
Delaware Bay.
The [state of] New Jersey according to the best authorities.
Ground plan [of the] Louisiana Purchase Exposition, St. Louis, Missouri.
Plane table map of Papago Creek
Chart of the harbors of Salem, Marblehead, Beverly and Manchester.
A chart of the zodiacal stars, used in finding the longitude at sea by the moon. And their hourly positions to the circumpolar stars, both above and below the north and south poles.