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Betuwe. 19. Ministerie van Oorlog. Topographisch Bureau.
Plan of the city of New York.
Vues & coupes du Cap de la Hève. Profit du Cap.
Delaware Bay.
Chart of the lights on the lake coast of the United States.
[Chart of the North Atlantic Ocean. 1792].
Chiloe and parts of the adjacent coasts from H.M.S. Beagle.
Plan of Boston in New England with its environs, including Milton, Dorchester, Roxbury, Brookline, Cambridge, Medford, Charlestown, parts of Malden and Chelsea.
Nuova pianta dell'inclita città di Venezia recolata l'anno 1787.
A map exhibiting a general view of the roads and inland navigation of Pennsylvania, and part of the adjacent states.
The United States of America with the British possessions of Canada, Nova Scotia, & of Newfoundland, divided with the French
Chart of the world, according to Mercator's projection, shewing the latest discoveries of Capt. Cook.
A map of the head of Chesapeake Bay and Susquehanna River.
Plano del puerto de Guaimas, situado en la costa de Sonora [Mexico] . . . levantado de orden del gobierno en 1819 . . . p[a]r defensa del puerto y puntos adjacentes à la costa . . .
A map historical and biographical chart.
Profile with the spirit level, of the due north line from the monument at the source of the River St. Croix to the St. John, surveyed in 1840 & 1841 under the direction of Major J. D. Graham