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Map of the Seat of War among the Creek Indians
The following geographical works have been published by John Melish, and are for sale, at the prices annexed
Proposals for publishing by subscription, a new and elegant Universal atlas, to contain distinct maps of all the principal kingdoms and states in the known world, and separate maps of each of the United States
Map showing the family hunting territories of the Mistassini Indians, the Montagnais of Lake St. John and the St. Lawrence, and the tribal territories of some of the neighboring bands of Cree
Map showing as near as possible Location of the Shuswap Tribe and Divisions, with approximate Boundaries of neighboring Tribes.
Map (4) Eastern Washington--Approximate Boundaries Interior Salish tribes about 1825 to 1855.
Western Washington Map (7). Distribution of Tribes (& Languages) about 1850 or slightly earlier.
Map (8) Earliest traditional homes of tribes in Oregon.
Map (6) Washington.  Distribution of tribes (languages).  1797.
Great Alachua - Savana, East Florida
Map (5).  Distribution of tribes according to earliest traditions (so far as collected up to date).
Map of Northeastern United States and Canada Showing Family Hunting Territories and Boundaries of Bands and Tribes as far as the Survey has been carried