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"The King's Hall, Parliament, where President's reception was held."
Internal view of the House of Parliament, Australia.
View of scientific balloon at 24,000 feet.
Helene Diedrichs [?], pencil drawing.
Department of Terrestrial Magnetism, April 21, 1935, Theoretical-Physics Conference sponsered by Carnegie Institution of Washington and Goerge Washington University at Washington
View of scientific balloon at 20,000 feet.
Internal view of Austrailian Institute of Anaotomy, Canberra.
"The Mundan Theory of Ptolomy, or the Old System."
View from scientific balloon, "over eroded bad lands."
Diagram showing sperical movement of the planets.
Max Planck, formal portrait.
Emil Post, formal portrait, June 1924.
"All this Judge needs is a Violon-Cello."
Max Born, 1918.
"The Theory of Copernicus."
James Franck, 1961.
Clair Ulam, at Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory open house, 1955.
Albert Einstein, 3/4 length, profile, informal with Niels Bohr.
Philosophical Differation of the Sphere, and the Motion of the Celestial Bodies.
Max and Marie Planck carte de visite.