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W. F. G. Swann, with two other men, inspecting equipment.
W. F. G. Swann, playing cello.
W. F. G. Swann and others leaning on ship railing.
"The luncheon in Scott Hall, 15 June 1942."
W. F. G. Swann, standing on steps on ship.
"Onward and Upward. First Annual Dinner, York Place O. B. Association."
W. F. G. Swann, full length view, outside, examining equipment with unidentified man.
Marlyn Wescoff and Ruth Lichterman demonstrating a punch card machine.
W. F. G. Swann and others, group portrait, standing outside.
Fritz Reiche postcard.
W. F. G. Swann, accepting award, 3/4 view.
W. F. G. Swann seated beside unidentified man.
W. F. G. Swann, formal portrait.
Group portrait, ouside under tree, Swann seated, first row.
W. F. G. Swann seated with wife and others.
John Clarke Slater, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1946.
Eclipsis Solaris.
Smyth, "in his garden," holding hoe, 1905.
W. F. G. Swann in laboratory, posing with equipment.
John Clarke Slater with his first child, Louise.