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W. F. G. Swann and others, group portrait, outside, building in background.
W. F. G. Swann, laughing, with unidentified men, group portrait.
Stanislaw M. Ulam, wearing hat and holding glass.
John Clarke Slater and Helen Frankenfeld Slater, at  Pultneyville, N. Y.
Group portrait, outside, Swann standing, back row.
W. F. G. Swann, speaking with unidentified man.
W. F. G. Swann, playing cello, unidentified man playing piano.
Magic Cyclovolute
Group portrait, outside, Swann seated second row, right.
W. F. G. Swann, seated at desk, working with equipment.
W. F. G. Swann standing at microphone, hands in pockets.
Smyth, "in his garden," with wheelbarrow, 1905.
W. F. G. Swann, standing shipboard.
W. F. G. Swann with unidentified man, examining a topographical glove.
Group portrait, Swann seated front row center.
Otto Lummer in lecture hall in Breslau on his 60th Birthday.
W. F. G. Swann, two women and a man, standing deck of ship.
W. F. G. Swann, formal portrait, wearing beret.
W. F. G. Swann  sitting with others at table in banquet hall.
W. F. G. Swann standing, arms akimbo, with others in Mexico.