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Man from Jolo Province, Philippines, standing outside building.
Laboratory equipment of W.J.V. Osterhout.
Man standing on platform, holding hat.
View of audience for the inaugural session of the 30th annual meeting of the Philippine Islands Medical Association.
Wilhelm Snow Mueller, in laboratory, looking up from microscope.
Charles Cassin Jr., infant son of Charles Luke Cassin.
Dr. Inada, bust, formal.
Jacques Loeb, Robert Less [?] and Leonard Rigns [?], Woods Hole.
View of seven people sitting on ground beside a small structure.
View of hands of man with leprosy
D. H. Lehmer [?].
Engraving of John Kintzing Kane.
Frank H. Hamilton, bust, formal.
20 members of the Medical Staff, League Red Cross Societies, Geneva, informal group portrait, full length, 12 standing and 8 seated.
Charles Luke Cassin in uniform, bust, portrait, formal.
Inauguration of Provincial Government, Zamboanga, Philippines, September 1, 1914
G. H. Parker, seated, holding hat.
Charles R. Stockard, full length portrait, informal.
Ester Abraham Flexner seated near small table.
John Miller Turpin Finney, 3/4 length, informal, seated.