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G. H. Parker, seated, holding hat.
Charles R. Stockard, full length portrait, informal.
Ester Abraham Flexner seated near small table.
Dato Mastura (left) and his judge, Dato Kali (right), full length, formal, seated.
Mother of W.J.V. Osterhout, formal portrait.
D. H. Lehmer [?].
Frank H. Hamilton, bust, formal.
View of hands of man with leprosy
Hearings before the Haitian Commission, 1930.
Group portrait of four women in dresses and two men.
Visiting  President Borno of Haiti.
Father of W.J.V Osterhout, formal portrait.
Formal protrait of P. A. Deveau [?].
Full lenth portrait of man in uniform shirt and helmet, legs bare.
Helene Wlasto, July 1900, Vienna
Charles Luke Cassin in uniform, bust, portrait, formal.
Engraving of John Kintzing Kane.
20 members of the Medical Staff, League Red Cross Societies, Geneva, informal group portrait, full length, 12 standing and 8 seated.
Dr. Inada, bust, formal.
John Miller Turpin Finney, 3/4 length, informal, seated.