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Harry M. [Thorias], half length, informal seated at desk.
Philip E. Smith
Leo Loeb, bust, formal.
Arthur Tremain Hertig, bust, informal, with microscope.
Carl Voegtlin [?] half length frontal portrait.
Girl seated, wearing dress.
Catherine Lotsy and Haas Moeder, full length, formal, standing.
E. B. Wilson, Edward Mussey Hartwell, and six other men, full length, formal, seated and standing.
Four unidentified men, full length, standing with a native hemp press, Philippines.
Richard Owen, bust, formal.
W. S. Thayer, 3/4 length, profile, seated at desk in front of chalk board.
Unidentified man, formal 3/4 view portrait, seated.
Exterior view of laboratory and grounds in Bermuda.
Winthrop John Banleuven Osterhaut, bust, informal portrait.
Unidentified  woman, full length, standing wearing her typical rain coat, philippines.
Four men, one seated in chair, three holding on to side, being lifted above water.
Man dancing before a crowd, Zamboanga, 1914
Ludwig Aschoff, 3/4 length portrait, formal.
Liberty Bell postcard.
Children in playground, buildings in background.