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California laboratory of W.J.V Osterhout.
R. Huber, formal portrait, holding eye glasses.
Mr. O. K. Tyler (?), standing outside.
Somers H. Sturgis, half length, profile, seated in lab coat with microscope.
Graham Weddell, bust, formal.
Gustaf Retzius, half length, formal, standing.
Dog Market, Philippines
Family of Frederick Lamont Gates.
Helene Landsteiner, formal portrait, standing.
Dr. and Mrs. Victor Heiser's residence at Litchfield, Connecticut, Dr. Heiser's office.
Group portrait of eighteen unidentified men and one dog.
Exterior view of Bermuda laboratory.
Winter scene with people standing in snow with skies.
S. E. Hill, formal portrait.
Adam Sedgwick, full length, informal, seated outside in chair.
George Escol Sellers, 1896
G. H. Parker, formal portrait.
Wilfred Thomason Grenfell, half length, profile, informal, seated steering a  boat.
Claude Bernard formal portrait.
Unidentified Philippino woman and young girl, full length, 3/4 profile, informal, standing smoking cigars.