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D. H. Lehmer [?].
Frank H. Hamilton, bust, formal.
View of hands of man with leprosy
View of Panama Canal.
Elizabeth, Queen of Belgium, full length, profile, informal, standing visiting Rockefeller Institute.
Morris Flexner, 3/4 length, formal, seated.
Unidentifed group of seven men and one woman, seated outside on steps at Rockefeller Institute.
Flexner family, five men, one woman, and five children, formal, four standing and seven seated.
Large house, birthplace of  Simon Flexner's mother, Esther Abraham, in Roden with eighteen unidentified people in front.
Esther Abraham Flexner, 3/4 length, formal, seated.
Florentin Medigreceanu,  half length, 3/4 profile, formal, standing.
Profile of Igorot man, Bontoc Province, Philippines.
A Manobo tree house seen from the west, Philippines.
Igorot man standing outside holding spear and shield.
Group portrait of Igorot men and women.
Rice terracing by the Igortes, Philippines.
A Bontoc Igorot man, Bontoc, Philippines.
Igorot boy, full length, profile, informal, seated learning the use of a typewritter at a Roman Catholic mission from Father Jurgens, full length, 3/4 profile, standing.
Panorama of a part of the town of Bontoc, Philippines.
Seven Igorot men standing outside on steps