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Family affected by albinism.
The Tribe of Ishmael
Flashing light sign "Some People are Born to be a Burden on the Rest" used with small exhibit.
"Eugenics, like a tree, Eugenics draws its materials from many sources…"
"Race Suicide Declared Impossible," article on Alexander Graham Bell's views on race suicide and immigration restriction.
Flashing light sign "Learn About Heredity, You can help to correct these conditions" used with small exhibit.
"Research Department. Suggestions"
M.T. Curial, #23
"Meeting of the Field Workers"
S.C. Devitt, #2, Folder #2
S.C. Devitt, #2, Folder #1
Mabel C. Huschka, #57
E.B. Muncey, #15
A.B. Eaton #4
Ethel H. Thayer, #48
Fannie George, #41
V.P. Robinson, #26
E.P. Moore, #7
"Selected List of 500 Best Family Records"
Eugenics Records Office History and Development