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"Hereditary Criminality and its Certain Cure."
"Eugenists are Congratulated."
"Eugenics Victory."
The names and births of the children of John and Ann Bartram, viz.
Burden of the feebleminded.
Zoology Department Course Descriptions: Heredity and Genetics, Social Hygiene, University of Idaho.
Die Station kurz vor dem Berlaffen derfelben.
Die Germania, am 20. August.
On Friday the 21st of January, 1825, this splendid establishment was opened to the subscribers and their friends. Upwards of three hundred ladies and gentlemen were present.... Inaugural lecture. Bath: Printed by Richard Cruttwell, St. James's-Street
"How to Keep Well: Results of Mixing the Races."
"Race Suicide Declared Impossible," article on Alexander Graham Bell's views on race suicide and immigration restriction.
Zoology Department Course Descriptions, University of Idaho.
Example of Mendelian Heredity.
"Interesting Researches by the Carnegie Institution Disprove the Popular Notion that a 'Pass-for-White' Person Married to a Pure White May Have a Negro Child."