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Heart and blood vessels
Dan Smith
Digitalis purpurea L.
Joseph Russell Smith and Henrietta S. Smith in their room at George School, 1898.
Marvels of Bacterial Behavior
Saururus Cernuus L.
Plan of the River Viguo, and Port de Rande. Situated in the north part of Spain, in the kingdom of Gallice . . . by Joseph Smith Speer.
A catalogue of botanical, gardening, & agricultural books for sale by Bernard M'Mahon, seedsman, no. 129, Chesnut-Street, Philadelphia
Liliaceous genus from William Hamilton's "Stove"?
Sagittaria acutifolia
Andromeda calyculata
Erythronium americanum
Joseph Russell Smith at a young age.
Lewellys F. Barker, Franklin P. Mall, F. R. Smith, Simon Flexner, William Sydney Thayer, seated, informal, in officer's dining room at Johns Hopkins Hospital.
Robinia viscosa L
View of children posed around Druim Moir fountain.
Northern Nut Growers' Association group portait, 1916.
Cynocephalus pabio
Brutae (upper jaw) found at Greenbriar
Thomas Jefferson to Benjamin Smith Barton, April 13, 1813.