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List of the [members of the] Linnean Society, 1798
Codex I: 152
Elicitation of Nisgha sentences, 08-03-1984
Elicitation focused on relatives, future-marking, and determiners
Peter Nelson wearing ceremonial collar and cuffs.
Christmas Day song
Kachina Song
Ute Sun Dance Song
United States Senate[,] March 5, 1863. Sir, A bill to incorporate the "National Academy of Sciences" has been introduced by me in the Senate
Ambrosetti, J.B.: To Boas. 1903 Dec. 14
Sargent, D.A.: From Boas. 1918 Oct. 10
Atlantic Monthly: From Boas. 1920 Dec. 13
Song Refusing an Old Man (Skookum John)
Howard, Leland Ossiar: From Boas. 1920 Mar. 8
Benjamin Franklin and Erasable Writing
Osborn, Henry Fairfield: To Boas. 1912 Mar. 13
Weeks, Ludlow J.: From Boas. 1926 Apr. 21
Jacobi, Abraham: From Boas. 1909 Oct. 14
Celler, Emanuel: From Boas. 1927 Dec. 15
Arlt, G.O.: From Boas. 1940 Mar. 11