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Entrepreneurship and the Battle Against Poverty. Part I: Introduction
Interview #3 [2 of 2]
Nahuatl songs
Interview with Walter Owen, April 1992
Nisgha elicitation session
Nisgha elicitation session: Sentences 203-268
Text 2: Wisahkecahk looses his eyes
Bas relief du soubassement du palais à Palenque
[Tom Paine]
Speeches in Oneida
Interview with Larry Schultz and Roberta Cooney [2 of 2]
The life and religious activities of Samuel Jacobs (English)
Interview and discussion of domestic animals
Mss.647.P53 - Record of indentures of individuals bound out as apprentices, servants, etc., and of German and other redemptioners, 1771 October 3 - 1773 October 5
Nevada (Mo.) Bushwhacker Days Pow-Wow Evening War Dance (tape 1) [Side A]
Brief of "List of animals, parts, etc., in Hopi and Tewa"
How the People Became Hairy (Hopi)
Discussion of Hopi particles and their use [1 of 2]