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A-162: Shoowap Keeper, making a rabbit skin blanket
A-077: Berens River rapids, downstream
F-123: Tyhe in clearing
F-105: Kiiwiich and Opashensh Keeper near tents, portrait
F-197: Men in hats, portrait
A-142: Kookam and Ochikomish, portrait
A-088: Ojibwa, Little Grand Rapids, Treaty day
A-301: Otter man and family, portrait
D112: Two Innu women
F-186: Woman on rock, portrait
D037: Young man wearing cap (close-up)
A-093: Kiiwiichens Keeper, portrait outside zhaabandowaan
D083: Batiscan River
F-080: Ed Michell, Rhonda Lee Mitchell, and Jim Bell, portrait
F-312: Cemetery
D003: Mohegan, Uncas Fort
F-120: Group of tents
A-237: Waagidiniigan Keeper, portrait