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Penobscot song
Life Story, II
Wapikit Nolke
Interview with Reuben Jacobs [2 of 4]
Catawba Songs
Penobscot Greeting Song with variant melody by different chiefs
Munsee song
Water Buster Account, with clan song [2 of 2]
Penobscot Ballad
Battle Song of Penobscot Shaman-Chief αpátehtek
Penobscot song
Penobscot War Dance Song or Chant
Dream of the Hell-Bender
Penobscot Indian language study
Penobscot Wedding Dance (1 of 21 versions)
Micmac Dance Chant (Conservative Lincoln Version)
Dwarf Story
Hummingbird Story
The Raccoon and the Mud Turtle, and Penobscot greeting