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Nahuatl songs
Text 2: Wisahkecahk looses his eyes
Interview and discussion of domestic animals
Brief of "List of animals, parts, etc., in Hopi and Tewa"
Elicitation focused on determiners, proper names, word order, and other data
Butterfly Dance Song
Story 3: Grizzly Bear and Menstruating Woman (prologue)
Story 15: Minnie Lake Winter (Okanagan)
Cloud Dance Song
Discussion of Hopi and Tewa terms for plants, animals, and birds [2 of 2]
Hymn: Beautiful heaven, my home
Text 50
Utterances and definitions
Unidentified K'iche' text
Unidentified K'iche' text
Discussion of Hopi terms for plants, insects, and clothing
Huanyo: Limpia acequia
Mexican noises
Buffalo Song
Tsa'kwayna (Warrior's song)