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3-10-o: Inuk young woman
5-29-l: Men, seated, with stretched skins
Lantern Slide #003: Joe Toney
"Hunting Territories in Cape Breton Island"
I(1C4) Report of 1934 Field Trip (typescript)
Lantern Slide #309: Landscape
"Indian melodrama"
Lantern Slide #136: Archaeologist's camp, Cattaraugus, N.Y.
9-17-w: Man with ceremonial headdress and cuffs.
Lantern Slide #372: Tuscarora reservation school
Lantern Slide #351: Sachem John Neptune
Lantern Slide #041: Landscape, North Carolina
3-10-g: Group portrait of Labrador children at St. Anthony Orphanage and Boarding School
5-30-i: Four tents in front of wooden buildings
9-21-m: "John Snow, Penobscot Tribe, Old Town, Me." postcard.
Lantern Slide #051: Ball game
Lantern Slide #185: Group portrait
II(3B2b) - Hunting Territories -- b. "Terms of Relationship and Family Territorial Band Among the Northeastern Algonkins."
Cow bone roach spreaders
Lantern Slide #139: Huron family outside dwelling, Loretteville, P.Q.