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Lantern Slide #099: George Billiot and wife
2-4-l: Cherokee dancing, men in masks
Lantern Slide #307: Map of Quebec, with Speck's delineation of Innu and Cree hunting territories.
3-10-m: Inuk man
Lantern Slide #090: Vegetation
6-12-m: Frank Speck, standing outside, Lake St. John, P.Q. 1924.
9-3-b: Roland Nelson (Chief Needahbeh) in traditional attire, 1926.
5-43-k: Camp scene
7-28-j: Tom Grapevine, mixed Yana & Flat Creek Indian
II(3B1i) Birch Bark Containers (Ojibway)
Lantern Slide #113: Family group, Indian Island
11-11-a: Wades in the Water
Archaeologist's camp, Cattaraugus, N.Y.
Lantern Slide #281: Montagnais-Naskapi boy
Lantern Slide #031:  Cherokee Eagle Dance, North Carolina
9-9-p: Woman, standing outside with blanket wrapped around head and shoulders.
Chart of Alabama Creek social dances
Abenaki brass band, Odanak, P.Q.
2-3-i: Basket with vertical stripes
2-5-h: Cherokee man with non-Cherokee dwellings