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F-065: Ojibwa dwelling
D098: Woman and girl standing outside, Mashteuiatsh
D053: Mrs. Sturges
C048: Lake Winnipeg region, landscape
A-251: Three Ojibwa, family portrait
F-165: Conjuring Falls
F-181: Four children, group portrait
F-145: Rectangular ceremonial lodge
A-110: Ojibwa girl, portrait, standing outside
F-075: Nenk (Bushie) Owen, portrait
A-047: Berens River by canoe, unloading at portage
D110: Naskapi family
Saulteaux bands hunting territories
E064: Emma Groslouis
F-166: Woman and children at camp site, portrait
F-290: Ojibwa man beside tent, portrait
A-310: Fish drying rack
F-237: Cree by dirt road, portrait
F-081: Couple standing in road near water
C049: Lake Winnipeg region, landscape