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A-059: Berens River by canoe, steep bank, two men and boats
A-253: Chechaakamaash's family, portrait
D089: Woman at spinning wheel, Rivière-à-Pierre
F-078: Bob Pine and Artie Burns
A-137: Son of Noochipine, portrait
D034: M. Schmidt
F-126: Tyhe, view from ground
C046: Lake Winnipeg region, landscape
D061: Nipissing, Large group
A-192: Conjuring lodge, completion
F-232: Woman with pipe, portrait
F-216: Fish and meat smoking on wooden structure
A-246: Dream dance drummers and drum
A-320: Tyhe 2 - otter, beaver, ground level perspective
A-001: Berens River dock
D014: Mohegan