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Rubens Peale to Benjamin Franklin Peale, 1822 September 11
Late additions and donations to the Philadelphia Museum.
"After passing Anthony-nose. The first appearance of Sugar loaf Hill"
View from the lower end of Newberg down the River
Rubens Peale to Benjamin Franklin Peale, 1823 August 14
Schedule of pictures in his studio.
Pennock, J. M. to Coleman Sellers, Philadelphia, 1845 February 16, 17
Charles Wilson Peale to Benjamin Franklin Peale, 1817 June 17
View of northeast corner of parlor in house of Miss Mary Peale.
Modes de Paris, Petit Courrier des Dames, color engraving of woman wearing a blue dress.
Horned lizard (horned toad), collected by Lewis and Clark.
"View from [West Point looking Toward Fort Putnam]"
View of West Point from the side of the mountain
List of portraits painted by Charles Wilson Peale.
Oto man
White House.
Letters testamentary to George Sellers for the settling of John Seller's estate;, 1804 March 19
Sellers, James, Jr. to James Sellers, n.d.
Ticket, signed by C. W. Peale and Rubens Peale