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Tuscarora texts [4 of 4]
Elicitation of Micmac words and phrases
Titus John's Song about Drunks that act like Muskrats
Story about moose, followed by eight songs
Pipe of Peace or Calumet Dance
Interview on Chenalhó Carnival [2 of 2]
Discussion in Spanish about indigenous people
Interview with Dimmie Washburn [3 of 6]
Elicited Cherokee Verb Forms: Preprenomial Prefixes and Paradigms
Caddo adjectives, sound change [3 of 5]
Bororo narrative
Legend of the Green Corn (English)
Mss.Ms.Coll.94.Cassettes.10 - Haas Talks
Announcement of raffle
Text 28: The theft of light [2 of 2]
Conversation on Reservation life
Trip home from Pauingassi
Coon Dance
Maya conversation