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Conjunct order verb forms [1 of 2]
Concluding remarks on dance comparisons
Russian folk song
Elicitation of kinship terms, saludos, "hot" and "cold" illness
Cherokee Lessons: Pronounce and Translate 2.10
Elicitation of passives
Interview with Newman Littlebear [7 of 10]
Tuscarora vocabulary and paradigms [2 of 4]
Formula 4: For eating away, or cancer
Three ghost stories
First Creator and Elk Head [1 of 2]
White Owls
Restating part of 1955 Voegeln Tape 3
Hello My Sweetheart
Lexical items to test glottalization: Ahousaht #6
Classroom recording of queries on the Tekanawita text
Unidentified K'iche' text
Elicitation focused on questions, focus, modification, and other data