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Long-haired Kachina Song #1
Explanation of Corn Grinding Song
Discussion of the Soyalangw ceremony
Angakchina tawi: Translation and commentary
Owl Song, Children's Song
Description of game songs and discussion of song categories
Soyohin kachin tawi
Suspal tawi
Tsuku tawi: Translation and commentary
Long-Haired Kachina Song
Discussion of Buffalo Dance and other dances
Wuwuchim tawi
Gambling Game Song
Ngumantawi (Corn-grinding song)
Bear Dance Song (Pawamuy)
Discussion of Hopi salt expeditions
Tasapkachin tawi (Navajo kachina song)
Ngumantawi (Corn-grinding song,) corrected version
Discussion of corn maidens' grinding song
Owl Song