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F-214: Bear headstone
F-081: Couple standing in road near water
Lac du Flambeau, Wisconsin - 1. Leonard Brown, Joseph Negoni and others outside house
Manitoba. Southern sheet. Canada. Compiled and engraved at the Chief Geographer's Office.
[Lake Winnipeg and territory to the east].
F-213: Grave yard, Fort Alexander
F-269: Abenaki man
F-211: Mission Church
A-338: Atoine Bittern and family, portrait
Lac du Flambeau, Wisconsin - 2. Leonard Brown, Joseph Negoni
A-042: Hudson's Bay Company dog train
F-162: Noonaawas and Alfred Hallowell, portrait
F-080: Ed Michell, Rhonda Lee Mitchell, and Jim Bell, portrait
F-215: Treaty grounds, Fort Alexander
F-212: Treaty, Fort Alexander
F-079: Man with child, portrait
F-314: Dodoism on grave
F-210: Four men standing, portrait
F-066: Ojibwa woman with child
A-337: Atoine Bittern and family