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F-154: Niizhishaan Owen and family, portrait
F-235: Canoes at shoreline
F-145: Rectangular ceremonial lodge
A-105: Kiiwiichens and Kamanaachis Keeper, portrait
F-130: Duck Lake structures
A-161: Shoowaap
A-047: Berens River by canoe, unloading at portage
F-075: Nenk (Bushie) Owen, portrait
F-102: Waabano lodge, ceremonies
A-110: Ojibwa girl, portrait, standing outside
F-166: Woman and children at camp site, portrait
F-106: Keeper family portrait, standing outside
F-184: Family portrait, standing outside
A-141: Miskwimin, portrait
F-287: Tent structure
F-241: Pole and canvas covering
A-250: Ojibwa men, women, and children
A-291: Stanley Quill, portrait
A-314: Ojibwa women and children, group portrait
F-201: Men wearing hats, group portrait