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F-192: Tents and horses
F-095: Little Grand Rapids dock
F-227: Vegetation
F-128: Ojibwa woman with two children, portrait
F-103: Little Grand Rapids family of six, portrait
F-298: Children, group portrait
F-074: Ojibwa boy, portrait
F-108: Wooden building
D120: Elderly Naskapi man and woman
F-098: Ojibwa man, portrait
A-027: John Berens riding a horse
A-209: Aankus and Miskwa'o Owen, portrait
F-221: Three men standing outside, portrait
A-082: Moose picture rock
F-096: Ojibwa man in suspenders, portrait
A-280: Ashakeshi, portrait
A-307: Dwelling, details
A-031: Four men, group portrait
A-065: Berens River by canoe, tea break with Chief William Berens, Hallowell, and others
A-216: Wechanimaash Owen, portrait