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F-060: Gii-sayinan, portrait
A-081: Berens River, Moose Picture Rock
F-176: Dream Dance lodge
A-271: Ojibwa man, portrait, standing outside holding hat
A-011: Chief William Berens, portrait, with pipe
D038: Young man wearing cap
A-079: Berens River, Sturgeon Falls, downstream
A-180: Sweat lodge
F-068: Pair of Ojibwa men, portrait
A-087: Ojibwa, Little Grand Rapids, Treaty day, outside log buildings and tent
A-043: Dog train
F-152: Seven Ojibwa men, sitting outside
D027: Landscape, trees and house
F-104: Men and boy, group portrait
A-215: Waanachense and Kaapech Owen and family, portrait, standing in line
A-015: Nancy Berens (Everett) and grandchild, portrait
F-158: Man in suspenders, portrait, with others in background
F-160: Man in suspenders, portrait, with pipe
A-072: Atoine Bittern, Gordon Berens, and Chief William Berens, near tents.
D106: Moose track