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A-110: Ojibwa girl, portrait, standing outside
F-184: Family portrait, standing outside
F-106: Keeper family portrait, standing outside
F-166: Woman and children at camp site, portrait
F-225: Peter Peoples with bear skull, portrait
A-327: Ojibwa women moving across field
A-251: Three Ojibwa, family portrait
F-181: Four children, group portrait
F-165: Conjuring Falls
D048: Two young children with woman
A-218: Pauingassi, view of lake shore
A-292: Ojibwa child, dwelling
F-047: Man standing outside near smoking fires, portrait
F-131: Canoe at Pikangikum B camp
F-277: Tent structure with illustration
A-196: Ojibwa settlement
F-290: Ojibwa man beside tent, portrait
A-310: Fish drying rack
F-175: Ojibwa women with cradleboards, portrait
F-237: Cree by dirt road, portrait