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A-292: Ojibwa child, dwelling
D048: Two young children with woman
F-047: Man standing outside near smoking fires, portrait
A-218: Pauingassi, view of lake shore
F-065: Ojibwa dwelling
A-197: Pauingassi settlement
F-165: Conjuring Falls
F-115: Ojibwa man in vest, portrait
D092: View of Lake St. John
A-001: Berens River dock
F-299: Children, group portrait in snow
A-320: Tyhe 2 - otter, beaver, ground level perspective
F-172: Henry Leveque, George Pascal, Thomas Boucher, Roderick Pascal and Xavier (Sabi) Owen, group portrait
A-020: Berens family portrait
A-246: Dream dance drummers and drum
A-192: Conjuring lodge, completion
F-216: Fish and meat smoking on wooden structure
A-165: Group gathered at ceremonial grounds
F-232: Woman with pipe, portrait
A-058: Berens River, above Moose Falls