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View from the lower end of Newberg down the River
"View from [West Point looking Toward Fort Putnam]"
Horned lizard (horned toad), collected by Lewis and Clark.
"After passing Anthony-nose. The first appearance of Sugar loaf Hill"
View of West Point from the side of the mountain
"View from West-point up the River"
"Stoney-Point after having passed it, going up the river"
Fort Putnam and West Point
Sketch of a cannon.
Rough sketch of a cannon.
Charles Willson Peale.
"The leaving of Verplanks Point, sailing up the river"
Peale's scandalous sketch of Franklin with a lady.
Benjamin Franklin.
David Rittenhouse.
Unidentified view up the river
"View of the passage through the high lands, sailing up the north River"
Skeleton of the mammoth is now to be seen at the museum, in a separate room. For admittance to which, 50 cents; to the museum, as usual, 25 cents