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2-3-h: Corn mortar and pestle
9-9-p: Woman, standing outside with blanket wrapped around head and shoulders.
9-7-k: Francis Nicola and Myra Andrews, standing outside
6-9-f: Innu girl
10-13-c: William Britton
Birch bark baskets
9-7-m: Man and boy with canoe (turned over).
2-3-i: Basket with vertical stripes
2-3-m: Basket with geometric designs, horizontal and diagonal
2-5-h: Cherokee man with non-Cherokee dwellings
9-12-k: Peter Nelson wearing ceremonial collar and cuffs.
2-2-u-3: Driver family
9-16-b: Penobscot encampment
2-4-l: Cherokee dancing, men in masks
9-5-f: Unidentified Penobscot girl.
2-3-l: Oak splint basket
4-19-a: Delaware village
9-7-c: Penobscot girl, standing outside.
9-5-b: Joe Solomon with clay pipe.
The Nanticoke Community of Delaware