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A-251: Three Ojibwa, family portrait
A-279: Ojibwa man, portrait, wearing hat and overalls
F-150: Camp site
A-187: Waabano pavilion, lengthwise
F-126: Tyhe, view from ground
A-071: Berens River by canoe, rapids
A-163: Ceremonial grounds
F-131: Canoe at Pikangikum B camp
A-303: Ojibwa group, near tents
F-175: Ojibwa women with cradleboards, portrait
A-059: Berens River by canoe, steep bank, two men and boats
A-253: Chechaakamaash's family, portrait
A-310: Fish drying rack
F-140: Waabano ceremony
A-137: Son of Noochipine, portrait
A-105: Kiiwiichens and Kamanaachis Keeper, portrait
F-130: Duck Lake structures
A-047: Berens River by canoe, unloading at portage
A-314: Ojibwa women and children, group portrait
F-102: Waabano lodge, ceremonies