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F-278: Running horse and onlookers
F-290: Ojibwa man beside tent, portrait
F-277: Tent structure with illustration
F-196: Group at Fishing Lake
F-216: Fish and meat smoking on wooden structure
F-285: William Berens and family
F-218: "Whiskeyjack," portrait
F-287: Tent structure
F-254: Man in dance costume, Rainy River
F-251: Manitou Rapids
F-274: Two Ojibwa men, portrait
F-192: Tents and horses
F-291: Three Ojibwa on horseback, portrait
F-273: Pole structure in meadow
F-243: J. Big Wind, portrait
F-286: Three Ojibwa in wagon, portrait
F-283: Three mounted men, portrait
F-292: Ojibwa man with rifle, portrait
F-252: Cemetery near Manitou Rapids
F-280: Man working with poles and hide, portrait