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Vues & coupes du Cap de la Hève. Profit du Cap.
Missourium theristrocaulodon, or Leviathan missouriensis open for exhibition, in the saloon at the rere of Tommey's Hotel, entrance in Great Britain-Street, (opposite the Lying-in-Hospital.) Particular description and explanations given every day at 3o'c
500 Pam. V. 6, No. 7 - XXXII. On static electrical inductive action. By Michael Faraday, Esq., D.C.L., F.R.S. To R. Phillips, Esq., F.R.S. ...Royal Institution, 4th Feb. 1843
Map of Washington Square, Walnut Street, Philadelphia.
Report of the Boston committee, appointed by the meeting of merchants and others, on the subject of procuring a telescope of the first class, for astronomical observations, &c.
Ho-Chunk man
Diagram of the Surveying District South of Tennessee
An Elegy [on the death of Richard Carlile].
Henry Vincent
Charles Darwin to Charles Lyell, 1843 September
Eastern State Penitentiary Admission Book Volume B: 1839-1843
Isaac Jackson Letterbook - Volume 3
Price Book Committee, Minutes, 1843-1897
Measurers' Certificates, 1827-1843
Portrait of J. Peter Lesley and young son.
Lecture on Induction