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Shuswap vocabulary
Tohono O'Odham woman
Helene Wlasto, July 1900, Vienna
Index to Curator's Record of Donors, AD 1769-1900
Congress of Americanists: Constitution and By-laws. 1900
 Index to Curator's Record of Donations, AD 1769-1900
Cherokee child
Margaret George Brown, 1838-1922
Benjamin Franklin.
Boas, Franz: Summary of 1900.
Richard Hertwig.
U5.1.10 Rathaus, Minden (Germany)
F8.1.4 Franz Boas with wife Marie in study.
F8.1.3 Franz Boas with wife Marie and children Helene and Ernst, at piano.
F8.1.9 Minden (Germany): Rathaus, house of Emilie Boas, aunt of Franz Boas.
U5.1.11 Rathaus, Minden (Germany), view 2.
F8.1.7 Minden (Germany): Old house am Domhof.
Robert Wiedersheim, 3/4 view, 1/2 length portrait, formal.
F8.1.11 Minden (Germany): Old house, am Poos (Magazn building).
Haida texts