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Fitter Families' Examination. Kansas Free Fair. Topeka.
Ralph G. Mills, seated, 3/4 length, informal portrait.
Lantern Slide #201: Machapunga Indians, North Carolina, "mixed negro"
F8.2.1 Americanist Congress (17th: 1924): Hague (Netherlands).
Ontario. Sudbury Sheet. Portions of Algoma, Sudbury, Nipissing, Manitoulin, Parry Sound and Timiskaming Districts and of Bruce County
Radin, Paul: To Boas. 1924
Drawing of traditional house design
Richard B. Goldschmidt in Formosa.
Fasting, George: Neutral Commission of Investigation into The Causes of the World War. 1924
21 men and women, members of the Department of Pathology standing outside Peking University Medical College.
Goldenweiser, Alexander A.: To Boas. 1924
Columbia University - Department of Anthropology: Budget. 1924
Concerning publications of Thomas Hunt Morgan to the Nobel committee on medicine
Simon Flexner, Helen Thomas Flexner, and unidentified man in Egypt.
Charles A. Doan - Correspondence, 1920-1924
U5.1.34 Franz Boas, Leo Sternberg, and Waldemar Bogoras