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A-196: Ojibwa settlement
3-10-g: Group portrait of Labrador children at St. Anthony Orphanage and Boarding School
Natchez Songs and Ceremonial Oration [2 of 2]
A-235: Gitchi and Waawaak Keeper and children, family portrait
F-148: Moses Owen and wife, portrait
Natchez Songs and Ceremonial Oration [1 of 2]
F-087: Treaty time, Berens River
Ella T. Jimmerson
02. Stress Accent in Wishram
F-145: Rectangular ceremonial lodge
A-197: Pauingassi settlement
Seneca dwelling
A-070: Berens River, after forest fire
01. A Grammar of Wishram
A-230: Miskwadezii Oshkiishik Owen, portrait
A-231: Odaab, portrait
A-237: Waagidiniigan Keeper, portrait
A-109: Ojibwa, Little Grand Rapids, Noonaawas (Bella) Keeper