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Ngumantawi (Corn-grinding song)
Pan Indian Songs: When the dance is over I'll take you home
Anosqatawi (water-throwing song)
Conversation regarding the merits of good songs and how songs are made
Discussion of So'yoko kachina
Palhiktawi (song of the "singer society")
Tsa'kwayna (Warrior's song)
Pima Bajo elicitations
Discussion of qa'ökachintawi (corn kachina song)
Pima Bajo elicitations
Owaqölö tawi (basket dance)
Palasowitsmi (red-bearded long-haired kachina dance)
Pima Bajo elicitations
So'yoko (kachina song)
Uytawi (planting and harvesting song)
Mosayurtawi (Buffalo dance with English words)
Tsuku tawi, hakochiney: Translation and commentary
Makkachintawi (hunting song)
Tsukutawi (Clown song,) concerning "grandfather moon"
Tsukutawi (Clown song) of Zuni origin