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Tunica Texts #1
Tunica Grammar #1: Introduction
Tunica Texts #2
Tunica Grammar #2: Chapter 1 Phonology
Tunica Texts #3: "Miscellaneous Information About the Tunica (in English)"
Tunica Grammar #5: Appendices
Tunica Grammar #3: Chapter 2 Morphology
Botany and Agriculture
Tunica Grammar #4: Chapter 3 Syntax
Chemistry, Physics, Mineralogy
Hopkinson, Joseph to William Young, n.d.
Hamilton, Alexander to ________, n.d.
Fishbourne, Polly to Sarah Wister, undated
________ to Thomas? Greenleaf, 1793
Fishbourne, Polly to Sarah Wister, undated
CLIR - For the Health of a New Nation
Jones, Robert Strettell notebook on metaphysics and ontology, book catalog, [1761-1785]