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The formation and progress of settlements, and wars with the Indians [etc.]
Propostition faite aux amis des sciences et des arts.
Williamstown, Mass., April, __ 1867. Dear Sir: The Lyceum of Natural History of Williams College proposes to make a strictly scientific expedition to South America.
History of the Grinnell Exploring Expedition to the Arctic Ocean, in search of Sir John Franklin, 1853-4-5. Dr. E. K. Kane, U.S.N., commanding. By William Godfrey, one of the survivors of the expedition.
Woolwich, Feb. 24, 1853. Sir, With reference to the letter which you addressed to me on the 12th of February, in respect to Dr. Kane's Arctic Expedition, I must limit the"magnetic observations."
To the public. The subscriber, intending to publish as account of his voyage from Charleston (S.C.) to the coast of Africa, and his travels when there, hereby solicits subscriptions
H. M. S. _____ __th of _____ 18__ Lat. _____ Long._____ _____ Commander...Whoever finds this paper is requested to forward it to the Secretary of the Admiralty, London, with a note of the time and place at which it was found
Aston Abbotts House, Aylesbury. 18th February, 1853. Sir, With respect to the number of each party, we have found two officers and six men to be the most convenient
Proposals, for printing by subscription, in one volume octavo; Travels, through North and South-Carolina, Georgia, and Florida
Kane's funeral march. Composed and respectfully inscribed to the memory of Elisha Kent Kane, M.D., U.S.N. by William H. Shuster
By the commissioners for executing the office of Lord High Admiral of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, &c. ...To Horatio T. Austin, Esq., C.B., captain of Her Majesty's Ship "Resolute," in charge of an expedition to the Arctic Sea
Honor to Dr. Kane