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Dem Rector und Lehrer-Collegium des Gymnasiums zu Görlitz
Natural History Society. Founded May 6, 1869. [List of] officers,...executive committee, [and]...members [for 1890]
From the Utica Morning Herald, January 11, 1893. Local historians. Annual meeting of the Oneida Historical Society. Officers elected
Amusement here with science is combin'd, to please, improve, and cultivate the mind
Circular. American Association for the Advancement of Science.
From the Utica Morning Herald, January 15, 1896. Oneida historians. Annual meeting of the county historical society. Officers elected and reports presented--women admitted to membership for the first time in the history of the society
Annual Election of Officers and Councilors, 1896...[Obverse] Officers for 1896
To the public. The address of the New-York Historical Society
Geleerde en Andere Genootshappen
Baltimore, Maryland, _____ 183_. The Maryland Academy of Science and Literature, having lately had the misfortune to lose its valuable museum and library by fire
Boston, November 1, 1838. In consequence of communications between members of the American Philosophical Society, in Philadelphia, and gentlemen in Boston, a meeting was held in the latter place science and literature
Pam.v.1101, No. 15 - Notice sur la séance publique du Cercle des Philadelphes, tenue le 15 août 1788. [Page 2:] Programme des prix proposes par le Cercle des Philadelphes
By order of the president. Sir, The committee (to whom the consideration of the papers communicated to the society at their weekly meetings is referred...) having been appointed to meet at the society's house in Crane-Court, Fleetstreet
A catalogue of officers and students in Transylvania University, Lexington, Kentucky, January 1st, 1820
Atto di aggiudicazione dei premi d'onore del concorso 1892-93. Modena, 10 Febbraio 1895
May 10, 1848. Sir: The Association of American Geologists and Naturalists
Tickets of admission to Zoological Garden, Philadelphia
Rooms of the Amer. Philosophical Soc.[,] Philadelphia, _____ 1863. To the secretary of the _____[.] Sir: You will please find at the rooms of the _____ a package of our publications
(From the Utica Morning Herald, Jan. 13, 1872 [sic; should be 1892?].) Historical. Annual Meeting of the Oneida Society. Reports presented and officers elected--an able address by S. N. D. North of Boston on "The evolution of the factory system."