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G. H. Parker, seated, holding hat.
Inez L. C. de Allende, bust, formal.
21 men and women, members of the Department of Pathology standing outside Peking University Medical College.
Three men standing in laboratory at Rockefeller Institute.
The Provincial Hospital, Philippines.
Madallom and Lieutenant Gilfillan, Lubuagan Province.
Alan Sterling Parkes, bust, 3/4 profile, formal.
Vannevar Bush, bust length portrait, formal.
Eduardo Bunster-Montero, seated, 3/4 view, 1/2 length portrait, formal.
Helene Wlasto, April 1897, in Romeo and Juliet
Dancing children in white dresses.
Man from Jolo Province, Philippines, standing outside building.
Inauguration of Provincial Government, Zamboanga, Philippines, September 1, 1914
Frank H. Hamilton, bust, formal.
Jacques Loeb, Robert Less [?] and Leonard Rigns [?], Woods Hole.
View of seven people sitting on ground beside a small structure.
View of audience for the inaugural session of the 30th annual meeting of the Philippine Islands Medical Association.
Charles Luke Cassin in uniform, bust, portrait, formal.
Engraving of John Kintzing Kane.
Dr. Inada, bust, formal.