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Space: The Evolving Frontier. Part I: Introduction.
Presentation of Members Database
Space: The Evolving Frontier. Part IV: Titan: A Once and Future Earth.
Who Goes First? The Story of Self-Experimentation in Medicine
Truth in Journalism
Earthquake Prediction: A Gambler's Game
LIDAR Technology and the Future of Lowland Maya Archaeology
Megalithomania: Obelisks and Empire in Papal Rome
Democracy Today: Ancient Lessons, Modern Challenges. Part 2
Question and Answer Session with Thavolia Glymph and Thomas C. Holt
Oceans, Climate, and Health: The Cholera Paradigm
Symposium: Virus Paleontology, Disease and Evolution. Part III: Can Persisting Viruses Drive Human Evolution?
Symposium on Newly Acquired Jefferson Letters fot the APS Library. Part 1: Introduction
Identity and the Violence of Illusion
Entrepreneurship and the Battle Against Poverty. Part IV: Joseph Schumpeter’s “Grand Pursuit:” It’s Not What You Have.  It’s What You Do With What You Have
Our Loss is Our Gain: The American Revolution and the Reshaping of the British Empire
Reading the Classical Past from Antiquity to the Enlightenment: Three Case Histories. Part II: The Roman Republic in the Italian Renaissance.
How Do You Fit Benjamin Franklin Into 8,000 Square Feet?
Space: The Evolving Frontier. Part V: New Worlds, Yellowstone, and Life in the Universe.
Separation of Powers and Statutory Interpretation: A Battle Hidden in Plain Sight