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D061: Nipissing, Large group
D067: Nipissing, Large group
D078: Beaucage settlement along the eastern bay of Beaucage Point
D058: Nipissing, Benjamin Goulais (Pshame)
D063: Nipissing, Marion Beaucage (Iizaakkwe) with two unidentified children
D060: Nipissing, Josephine Beaucage with her children Corrine and Evon
F-258: Nipissing, Paul Anishnabie, Joseph Penasse, Antoine McLeod (Emkwaan)
Ottawa Indian manuscripts (card file)
D079: Beaucage, Semo Commanda, Mary Commanda (Semokwe)
A-070: Berens River, after forest fire
D070: Nipissing, Mary Stevens, Harriet Stevens, Annie Commanda
D059: Nipissing, Emma Goulais (Pshamekwe) with her children George and Blanche
D068: Nipissing, Lucy Goulais (Grand-Louie) with her children Evelyn, Wilfred, Augustine and Dorothy
D075: Nipissing, Jocko Jaagiiwes
D062: Nipissing, Margaret McLeod (Mkwaashkwe)
D074: Nipissing, Jocko Jaagiiwes
D065: Nipissing, Joseph Chevrier (Kiyaashkwaawan) holding Harvey Chevrier (Kiyaashkwaawanoosan)
D081: Nipissing, Peter McLeod, Bernard Commanda