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Sketch of the solar system for the use of schools.
Symposium: Discoveries in Astronomy. Part IV: Moderator's Remarks.
"The Mundan Theory of Ptolomy, or the Old System."
Journal of Astronomical Observations
Diagram showing sperical movement of the planets.
"The Theory of Copernicus."
Opening Remarks
Philosophical Differation of the Sphere, and the Motion of the Celestial Bodies.
The analysis of a lecture upon the eidouranion; or astronomical lucernal, explaining the courses, distances, situations, magnitudes and motions of the heavenly bodies
Detail de la grande éclipse de soleil qui doit arriver le 26 Octobre de cette présente année 1753. Calculée pour la Ville de Bordeaux suivant les nouvelles observations de Messieurs de l'Académie Royale des Sciences
The comet. Elements of the orbit of the comet, now visible. 1811.
Halley's Comet as seen on the 22nd and 24th of October, 1835, in the 25 feet achromatic telescope of E. J. Cooper, Esqr. M.D.
Astronomical exhibition. Or, amusement and science combined.
Approaching solar eclipse
As seen in a telescope that inverts [printed upside down]. Erect diagram of occulation of [Mercury] by the [Moon].
Eclipsis Solaris.
Symposium: Discoveries in Astronomy. Part I: Moderators' Remarks.
"...Circles of the sphere projected on the Meridian Stereographically."
Circular. American Academy of Arts and Sciences in Boston, 6th March, 1849.