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"Catawba Dances and Musical Instruments"
Lantern Slide #022: Mrs. Samson Owl, Catawba, North Carolina
Lantern Slide #015: Sally Brown preparing sedge-grass for making brooms, Catawba, S.C.
Lantern Slide #019: Catawba man
Life Story, I
Lantern Slide #014: Home of Sally Brown, Catawba Reservation, S.C.
Life Story, II
Lantern Slide #017: Sally Brown and family, Catawba, S.C.
Lantern Slide #016: Sally Brown Gordon, one of the last speakers of Catawba
Lantern Slide #021: Suzan Owl, Catawba, North Carolina
Lantern Slide #018: Catawba man
Lantern Slide #020: Lydia's Father and Mother
Catawba Conversation
Children's Story (Song)
Catawba Songs
Witch Story #2
Witch Story #1
Dwarf Story