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2-3-l: Oak splint basket
2-2-u-3: Driver family
2-11-a: Maude Welsh working on mouth of a vessel
2-4-p: Running Dance, mixed gender line
2-3-i: Basket with vertical stripes
2-3-j: Double weave basket
2-3-n: Pottery jar
2-2-u-2: Driver family portrait, standing outside
2-3-m: Basket with geometric designs, horizontal and diagonal
2-3-h: Corn mortar and pestle
2-4-o: Running Dance, mixed gender group
2-4-h: Man with blowgun and child with doll, portrait
2-2-g: Cherokee stickball match
2-2-s: Cherokee basket maker, postcard
2-3-a-5: John W. Driver, portrait
2-3-k: Basket with geometric designs
Hewson, Mary Stevenson to [Elizabeth Hewson]
2-10-a: Cherokee vessel
40. Gambold, John to Peter Stephen Du Ponceau
2-3-a-4: Carl Standing Deer, portrait