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Benjamin Franklin's annotated copy of the first printing of the Constitution.
Drinking Song
Benjamin Franklin to Dr. Cadwalader Evans, Philadelphia, 1772 December 2
Franklin s'oppose aux taxes en 1766.
Huntington, Samuel to Benjamin Franklin, 1787 May 5
Despeintreaux, Jean Baptiste Charles Lucas to Benjamin Franklin, 1784 January 9
Gardoqui y Arriquibar, Diego to Benjamin Franklin, 1787 May 30
John Antes to Benjamin Franklin, 1779 July 10
Benjamin Franklin to Charles Thomson, 1784 or 1785
Note from Princess Daschkow to Benjamin Franklin, January 30 [1781]
Relating to the militia.
On the Productions and Population of the Colonies.
Frederick Shinkle, Bill.
Benjamin Franklin, fur collar portrait.
Charles Thomson to Benjamin Franklin, 1784 August 13
Benjamin Franklin in fur cap, after Charles Nicolas Cochin.
James Reed to Mr. Gordon, March 12, 1755.
Bouvier, ----- to Benjamin Franklin, 1778 January 18
Benjamin Franklin, 3/4 length, 3/4 view, seated with pen in hand, by unidentified artist after Mason Chamberlain.